17th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems

June 21st - 24th 2009, Camogli (Genova), Italy

Social Events

Palazzo Ducale

Sunday, June 21, Welcome Reception

At Castello della Dragonara, on the Camogli harbour, offering a spectacular view of the Gulf.

Monday, June 22, Visit to Fondazione Remotti

Visit to Fondazione Remotti in Camogli, a modern art gallery hosted in the restored historical chapel Convento delle Gianelline.

Tuesday, June 23, Excursion to Portofino and Social Dinner


Afternoon excursion to Portofino followed by social dinner at Hotel Portofino Kulm, located in a unique position in the heart of the regional park of Portofino, offering a grandiose panorama of the two gulfs, the Tigullio to the east and the Paradise to the west, and beyond, to the extreme limits of the Maritime and Appenine mountain ranges which embrace Liguria.

Vista Golfo di Genova Vista Golfo Tigullio